Aims to become a world-class supplier
East rich families and precision instruments(Suzhou)Co., LTDTOFLO CORPORATION(TOFCO)Individual proprietorship business enterprise of the group,In2006Years2Month14Investment in suzhou, is established。East rich families precision instrument collectionTOFCOThe group's technical advantage,Specializes in manufacturing sales flowmeter and substrate in detecting device in high development of science and technology into China。East rich families and precision instruments developed each local Chinese staff,And with its reliable products and continuous technical innovation,Aims to become a world-class supplier。Please look forward to「East rich families(TOFCO)」In the future!
 Business philosophy

Clearly very faithful

Constantly create

To adapt to the change

Grow up together


Contribute to society

 Enterprise information
Into  Set up2006Years2Month
The registered capital105Wan The dollar
The ground  The addressSuzhou industrial park, east road1Number East king industrial workshop62Building
Dong  ThingsChairman of the board of directors Tian Tian RON ichiro
 The general manager Marina The government  The other 3Name
Scope of business□Flowmeter measurement department
  Manufacture and sale of flowmeter for liquid and gas
 q□Substrate detection device department
  Manufacture and sale of substrate test fixture
  Development base board test procedures
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